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You’ve probably heard about the effects that second-hand smoke can have on other humans, but have you considered what it is doing to your pets? The effects of smoking on pets is one reason for people to quit smoking, and we can help.

Many owners like to cuddle their pets which can cause them to breathe in any harmful chemicals that have clung to you or your clothes from smoking. These chemicals can also stick to furniture and carpets which do carry health risks for animals that spend a lot of time in the house.

Not only could it be increasing their chances of lung conditions, but it could also be causing them discomfort. The smell of smoke can be easily detected by animals as many of them have a stronger sense of smell than humans.

Research on smoking and pets

One study, conducted by the University of Glasgow, discovered that pets could be just as much at risk from second-hand smoke as people. Other evidence has shown that tobacco smoke increases the chances of dogs developing nasal cancer and cats developing blood cancer.

If you do continue to smoke, you should do so away from your animals and ensure that there is good ventilation in any rooms that you do smoke.

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