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If you’re a smoker who is also diabetic, you could be increasing your risk of health complications by continuing to smoke. Diabetes on its own carries an increased risk of developing issues such as heart disease, strokes and circulation problems and the addition of smoking can further these problems.

Along with the health conditions above, the chances of suffering from kidney problems and erectile dysfunction also doubles for smokers. Research into the cause of death of type 2 diabetics discovered that the main cause of death is cardiovascular disease which has also been linked to smoking

Heart disease, smoking and diabetes

Diabetes on its own causes a strain on the heart, therefore when it is combined with smoking the risk of a heart-related condition or a stroke is intensified.

If you’re diabetic, one reason to quit smoking could be to improve your health and heart. Take the first steps to quit smoking with SmokeFree Hull, call us today on 01482977617.

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How much money could you save by stopping smoking?

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