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The reasons to stop smoking are different for everyone, but all are equally as important. Smoking can have a negative impact on your health and finances as well as the health of other people. It’s important that you recognise your motives to quit to help you on your journey.

Whatever your reason is to stop, let us help you along the way. Discover the benefits of being smoke-free over time with the timeline below.

Timeline of being smoke-free

The benefits are almost instant. As soon as a person stops smoking their body begins to recover in the following ways:

After 20 minutes

20 minutes after you have smoked your last cigarette your heart rate returns to normal, your blood pressure drops, and your circulation may start to improve.

After 12 hours

Your body cleanses itself of the excess carbon monoxide and your oxygen levels increase.

After 1 day

Your improved blood pressure levels decreases the risk of heart attack after one day of quitting smoking.
Physical exercise and activity becomes easier as your oxygen levels rise.

After 2 days

You may notice food tastes and smells better as the nerve endings responsible of these senses start to heal.

After 3 days

Around 3 days after quitting, you may experience moodiness and irritability, headaches, and cravings. But don’t give up. It’s just your body getting used to living without nicotine. Rest up and treat yourself. You are doing great!

After 1 month

Your lungs heal and their function begins to improve. You may notice less coughing and shortness of breath. Your ability to exercise improves in leaps and bounds.

After 1-3 months

For the next several months after quitting, circulation continues to improve.

After 9 months

Your lungs have now healed themselves significantly and you will be less prone to lung infections.

After 1 year

Your risk for coronary heart disease has decreased by half and will continue to drop. This risk will continue to drop past the 1-year mark. You are also less likely to develop blood clots.

How much money could you save by stopping smoking?

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Your savings

Please note that the figures above are simply an indication of how much you could save based on the cost of a packet of cigarettes and your daily intake.