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We understand that stopping smoking is challenging, that’s why we’ve created our top 10 tips to quit below:

1. Create a structured plan

Having a plan in place for your quit journey gives you a goal to work towards and lots of milestones to meet along the way. Not only does it give you something to look forward to but it also allows you to mentally prepare for a life without cigarettes.

2. Write down your motives to quit

Reminding yourself of the reasons you quit smoking is one way to keep yourself motivated throughout your stop-smoking journey. If you find yourself struggling, you can look over the list to keep you on the right path.

3. Start saving!

Keeping track of all the money that you’re saving is another way to keep yourself motivated. Why not treat yourself to something nice with your savings as a reward?

4. Quit together

If you quit with a friend or member of family, you’ll be able to motivate each other along the way.

5. What makes you crave?

Some people have triggers that lead them to crave for a cigarette. Whether it’s stress or alcohol, dealing with your triggers is one way to stay on track.

6. Keep occupied

Keeping yourself and your hands busy is one way to stop thinking about cigarettes. Research has shown that a craving usually lasts 5-10 minutes so try to keep distracted for that period of time.

7. Deal with your stress

Quitting smoking can lead to you feeling agitated but there are other ways to deal with stress rather than picking up a cigarette. Why not go for a walk or take up a new hobby?

8. Talk to others

Talking to other people about your cravings and quit journey encourages them to keep you motivated along the way.

9. Stay positive

Keep reminding yourself of the positives of quitting smoking to keep you on track.

10. Use your smoking aids

There are lots of smoking aids available out there to help you stay on track. You can try Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), Varenicline (Champix) or E-cigarettes.

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How much money could you save by stopping smoking?

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Please note that the figures above are simply an indication of how much you could save based on the cost of a packet of cigarettes and your daily intake.