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I'm a Clinical Support worker based at Hull Royal In the A&E department. I contacted Mhvari as I decided now is the time!

Mhairi told me that if I can stop now, I can stop anytime.

I work shifts and do a lot of nights. Mhvari met with me for my initial meet and greet and explained what was expected. We set up weekly meetings. As I was on nights she said she would come in early to meet me as I finished my shift at 7.30am. No excuse now haha.

Then low and behold we have Covid… So after my first meeting Mhvari rang me to support me over the phone. She told me that if I can stop now I can stop anytime. We talk about products and after trying a couple we agreed on patches for me and the mouth spray.

Every week she rings me and I actually look forward to it as its my boost to my confidence when she is so proud of me.

Work is horrendous at the moment and I won’t say it’s been easy. My weekly phone calls help. The products have helped and I can honestly say I’ve not had a  cigarette  in 6 weeks. Mhvari has been a great support. Meeting me before her shift started. That was so kind of her.

I’ve told my colleagues at work and recommended that they go for it. Although this is a difficult time for everyone and especially at work I feel I’ve accomplished a lot with the support of Mhvari and I can’t wait until this is over and I can blow in that machine!!


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