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Christmas parties and social smoking – how can you stop?

A social smoker is someone who chooses to smoke when they’re around others and don’t smoke on their own. They consider themselves as “light” or “intermittent” smokers and their craving for a cigarette is often triggered by alcohol. If you’re a social smoker, you might think that your habit is not doing you any harm, but every cigarette is harmful and it can still be affecting your health. Hull Stop Smoking Service present you with the facts to stop you from wanting a cigarette over the festive period.

Social smoking facts

Although social smokers don’t tend to smoke as much as regular smokers, it’s important to remember that there is no safe level of smoking. If you take one inhalation of a cigarette, the following occurs in the body:

  • Blood pressure and heart rate rise
  • Blood flow to capillaries decreases
  • Carbon monoxide released into the bloodstream, limiting the amount of oxygen that circulates the body
  • Cilia becomes unable to clear phlegm and debris

There are also statistics around the long term effects of smoking:

  • Light smokers have the same risk of heart disease as those who smoke daily
  • 1-4 cigarettes per day can triple your risk of lung cancer
  • Low level female smokers can lose 4-6 years of their life compared to non-smokers
  • Low level male smokers are 60% more likely to die earlier than non-smoking males

How to stop yourself from social smoking

Hull Stop Smoking have came up with some top tips to curb your craving for a cigarette.

  1. Notice how much you can save

Although you’re not spending money on cigarettes regularly, the money that you do spend could be better spent elsewhere. Keeping track of how much you could save is one motivating factor to help you quit. Especially in the run-up to Christmas when you have gifts to buy and parties to attend, an extra ten pound here and there would not go a miss!

  1. Give yourself a target date

Set a quit date to give you something to work towards. Whether this is at the start or end of the festive period, you can prepare yourself for going smoke-free by buying less cigarettes and avoiding taking cigarettes from friends when you’re on a night out.

  1. Find a smoking aid that works for you

Although the ultimate goal is to be entirely smoke-free, there may be some aids that can help you along the way. If it is the social factor of going outside with your friends that you enjoy, you could take an e-cigarette outside to stop you from smoking a regular cigarette. You can also try nasal sprays which give you an instant hit of nicotine to reduce your craving.

  1. Try to stay indoors

For over ten years, smoking has been banned in public places which means you have to head outdoors or to a designated smoking area to smoke. Try to stay indoors instead of heading out to those areas with your friends to cut down on smoking.

Hull Stop Smoking Service offers a support service for people who want to quit smoking. Get in touch with us today to find out more or use our website to learn more about the facts of smoking.

How much money could you save by stopping smoking?

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