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Free advice and support to say goodbye to smoking

Hull Stop Smoking Service

Let us direct you to the best stop smoking service for you.

COVID19 update:

Due to the current guidelines Smoke free Hull has temporally suspended all face to face appointments.  We are continuing to support clients via telephone support together with NRT.  Appointments are available Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings.

If you would like support to help stop smoking please contact us on 01482 977617.

SmokeFree Hull offers free advice and support for those looking to start their stop-smoking journey.

We offer up to a 12-week program to those living in Hull and have a registered GP within Hull.

Your first appointment will be a telephone encounter where we will assess your reasons behind smoking and advise you on the best way to stop.

Our mission statement is: Reducing the risk of smoking-related illness by assisting local people to achieve their non-smoking goals.


I want to stop by myself

If you are stopping smoking by yourself you will want to make sure you are giving yourself the best possible chance of success.

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I'd like help to stop smoking

We provide free support over the phone or face-to-face to provide the best support possible. Our friendly advisors can help you however suits you.

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Reasons to stop

Stopping smoking isn’t easy, but greatly improves your health and finances. Smoking causes extensive damage to your body and your second hand smoke can also cause problems for everybody else too. Smoking is unattractive and costs you loads of money.

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How do I stop?

We’re here to help you. We understand that different types of support work for different people and we can offer you all the advice and guidance you need to start on your journey.

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How much money could you save by stopping smoking?

Answer the two questions below and then click “Calculate” to see how much money you could save!


Your savings

Please note that the figures above are simply an indication of how much you could save based on the cost of a packet of cigarettes and your daily intake.

Our success stories

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Mhairi told me that if I can stop now, I can stop anytime.


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